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Tom Adams is one of the world’s most experienced advisors to companies in fast-growing new consumer sectors. Here’s his thinking on launching Adams Cannabis Research:

“I learned much about the cannabis industry in four years at BDSA: the widespread use by more than one quarter of adults in North America and elsewhere, the impact on legal-market growth from diverse regulatory regimes,  the enormous profit potential in cannabinoid science and technology, the wild proliferation of consumption options in the legal era.

But I learned more about building companies in new industries in two decades of consulting to media and technology companies and investors while running Adams Media Research:  how to scale consumer-product and retail companies, how to steer consumer spending into more profitable products, how to capitalize on new technologies to take market share from your competition.

It’s now company-building time in the legal cannabis industry. In launching ACR, my goal is to bring all that knowledge and experience together to help cannabis companies plan their strategies, execute those plans, and reap the reward for themselves and their investors.”

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