Cannabis Industry Solutions

Cannabis Market Insights You Need to Accomplish Your Goals

How We Have Helped Cannabis Companies and Investors

Are you involved in the legal cannabis industry or looking to get involved? If so, Adams Cannabis Research provides a range of services to maximize your returns from this booming industry. Read on to see what ACR can do for you.

Strategic Planning

  • Major agricultural firms: Developed forecasts and wrote business plans used in raising capital to finance cannabis cultivation start-ups and launch distribution.

New Market Assessment

  • Cannabis brands and retailers: Generated forecasts of market and company revenues for existing market leaders looking to expand to new states and countries.

New Product Planning

  • Product manufacturer, e-commerce service, European CBD product company, and others: Developed business plan and forecasts for multi-state/country roll-outs.

Competitive Analysis

  • CPG companies—Assessed cannabis ingestible market potential, regulatory climate, and current competitive landscape; advised on market-entry strategies

How We Helped Media and Technology Companies as Adams Media Research

During the years in which digital technology revolutionized the media industry, AMR was the go-to consulting firm for global leaders, start-ups, and start-ups that became global leaders.

We assessed market opportunities created by new technologies for Hollywood studios, TV networks, major technology firms, retailers and telecommunications giants. We helped major investment banks, fund managers and private equity firms understand the competitive landscape in existing markets and spot the opportunities in newly emerging sectors.

Ways We Can Help You

There can be no doubt that the cannabis industry, on track to reach $20 billion in sales in 2020 and break $40 billion by 2024, will be the fastest growing consumer product sector since the broadband internet exploded in the early 2000s.

The only question is “Who will be the winners and losers in the race to capitalize on that growth?”

Let Adams Cannabis Research help make you one of the winners.